Remodeling An Area Of Your Home Can Be Incredibly Inconvenient And Make You Insane…Here’s How To Stay Calm With Workers Constantly Coming In & Out Of Your House

images-1One of the most common complaints among homeowners has to do with home remodeling. Remodeling projects almost never go as planned. No matter how detailed a bid, no matter how well you have budgeted, or how perfectly you have planned all of the materials and appliances, something is going to go wrong. Know this beforehand, and you’ll be a lot better off mentally throughout the process.

Sometimes, hiring the right contractor can’t ensure a successful project. However, it can definitely either eliminate or minimize problems. Recognize that contractors are just trying to make it too. They can’t survive on your project, and your project alone. Just like any profession. Everyone needs more than one client or patient to stay afloat. Do not go into the project expecting the contractor to be at your home every single day for a full work day. This isn’t how their job works. They work by moving from house to house throughout each week until they complete their projects. Have a frank discussion with each other about how often they plan to be at your house and when.

You should also be sure to be present throughout the work as often as you can. However, do not constantly hover and micromanage. At some point, you’re going to have to put your faith and trust in their hands. Sometimes when you go to hire contractors, you might find that they are all giving quotes that are way more than you think they should be. One of the reasons you think this is from watching home improvement TV shows and talking to your friends that have had work done to their house, too. Every single home project is different. TV shows such as HGTV make their ratings off of before and after photos and footage. They do not show you what goes on behind the scenes. They are designed to make DIY look cheap and easy.

imagesProjects are never as cheap as you think they are on these shows. If all of the quotes come in higher than you think they should be, its time to start accepting that this is actually the value of the project. When you do get quotes, be sure to also check the Better Business Bureau to see if any formal complaints have been filed against their company. Check to see that they are licensed, and see if they have a history of poor work. When you go to begin your project, budget accordingly. Be realistic about whether or not you can afford to renovate right now.

There is always a chance that you won’t like the work after it is finished. Be sure that you are not blaming your contractor for things that you asked for. Don’t ask him why the tile in the bathroom looks horrible when you told him to cut it that way, and you chose that specific tile. If you aren’t pleased with how the project turned out, you’re going to have to take some responsibility for your part.

Avoid going aboveimages-2 your budget by picking materials that cost less. Don’t go crazy trying to buy appliances that you can’t afford. Opt for a cheaper paint rather than the most expensive. Cut in areas that are not as important. Would you rather have the most expensive paint, or cheaper paint but a nicer vanity? Prioritize.




2 thoughts on “Remodeling An Area Of Your Home Can Be Incredibly Inconvenient And Make You Insane…Here’s How To Stay Calm With Workers Constantly Coming In & Out Of Your House

  1. I get that you can cut corners and save on the budget by getting cheaper appliances and materials. However, won’t this cost in the long run? Won’t things break, etc.?

    • Not necessarily. In some cases, absolutely. I understand where you are coming from, with the “don’t you get what you pay for?” question. There will be certain appliances and materials that you shouldn’t skimp on. You’ll have to be the judge on those, as I don’t know about your remodeling project. Good luck!

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