What Is the Point of An Interior Designer? Should You Hire One For Your Project? Read On For The Benefits Of Using an Interior Designer For Your Home Remodel


Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

If you are considering to endeavor an a large renovation project, you absolutely should hire an interior designer. Interior designers are required to go to design school, and work under an interior designer for two years. They then are required to pass the NCIDQ exam, which is a rigorous test of their design knowledge. So, do you think that you are able to execute a project that takes a designer six years of experience to learn how to do? No. Designers have the knowledge and skill to remodel a home. Renovating a house, or remodeling a room requires much more than selecting materials and lighting. Situations come up that can only be handled and foreseen by an experienced professional.

By hiring a designer, you’re going to save yourself from a massive headache, and probably a lot of financial draining that would not have happened originally. Usually in life, when something goes wrong it can be chalked up to not doing it correctly the first time. These things take serious planning. Designers know how certain material selections will impact the installation. Even kitchen cabinets; there are some types that you are not able to use with the layout of your kitcUnknown-1hen.

Interior designers also know the latest technology. One of the biggest benefits of their knowledge in this area is that they are able to comprise actual drawings and renderings of what the completed project will look like based on what you have picked out and planned. This will let you visually see what you do and do not like. The drawings are then shown to the contractor, and everyone makes sure that the design is up to code. Codes are very difficult to understand, and only a professional will know what they mean.

There’s lots of jargon and slang when it comes to the design world; it’s almost like a second language. A language that you won’t be able to understand. With a designer, you won’t need to know what she or she, and the contractor are talking about, because you’ll know that your designer knows what they are doing, and trust them. The bottom line, is that designers have skills that you do not. They also have skills that the contractor does not. It is not a good idea to go blindly into a major home project without hiring one. Unknown-2

Interior designers make sure that a project is going the way it should. When a contractor slacks off and makes a mistake, the designer will catch it; sometimes, before the mistake is about to occur. If you are not able to  a designer, it’s not a bad idea to hold off on the project until you can. Because what you were going to have to pay them, you’ll spend in mistakes.



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    • Hi Beth. Interior designer salaries vary widely. Some charge by the project, some charge by the hour. Some are vastly expensive, others work specifically with homeowners on a budget. Check out Angie’s list, and ask your friends and family for the names of some designers and get an idea. Good luck!

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