What Is the Point of An Interior Designer? Should You Hire One For Your Project? Read On For The Benefits Of Using an Interior Designer For Your Home Remodel


Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

If you are considering to endeavor an a large renovation project, you absolutely should hire an interior designer. Interior designers are required to go to design school, and work under an interior designer for two years. They then are required to pass the NCIDQ exam, which is a rigorous test of their design knowledge. So, do you think that you are able to execute a project that takes a designer six years of experience to learn how to do? No. Designers have the knowledge and skill to remodel a home. Renovating a house, or remodeling a room requires much more than selecting materials and lighting. Situations come up that can only be handled and foreseen by an experienced professional.

By hiring a designer, you’re going to save yourself from a massive headache, and probably a lot of financial draining that would not have happened originally. Usually in life, when something goes wrong it can be chalked up to not doing it correctly the first time. These things take serious planning. Designers know how certain material selections will impact the installation. Even kitchen cabinets; there are some types that you are not able to use with the layout of your kitcUnknown-1hen.

Interior designers also know the latest technology. One of the biggest benefits of their knowledge in this area is that they are able to comprise actual drawings and renderings of what the completed project will look like based on what you have picked out and planned. This will let you visually see what you do and do not like. The drawings are then shown to the contractor, and everyone makes sure that the design is up to code. Codes are very difficult to understand, and only a professional will know what they mean.

There’s lots of jargon and slang when it comes to the design world; it’s almost like a second language. A language that you won’t be able to understand. With a designer, you won’t need to know what she or she, and the contractor are talking about, because you’ll know that your designer knows what they are doing, and trust them. The bottom line, is that designers have skills that you do not. They also have skills that the contractor does not. It is not a good idea to go blindly into a major home project without hiring one. Unknown-2

Interior designers make sure that a project is going the way it should. When a contractor slacks off and makes a mistake, the designer will catch it; sometimes, before the mistake is about to occur. If you are not able to  a designer, it’s not a bad idea to hold off on the project until you can. Because what you were going to have to pay them, you’ll spend in mistakes.



Back To School, Back To School. Should You Rent Your Apartment To University Students? Find Out Here, The Advantages & Disadvantages That Come With Renting To The Younger Crowd

UnknownWhen you search for an apartment online, many times you’ll see in the description “no students.” Why? The reason is simple. Landlords get nervous at the prospect of a young person living in their home. Especially if it is a really nice house or apartment. Even if they have the means to pay for it. It’s nothing personal; it is usually based on a bad past experience with a younger person. Landlords for years and years have been very apprehensive toward renting to the younger generation.

Young adults tend to ask themselves why. They are often curious, because their mindset is that even an older person could damage the apartment, have loud parties, have a barking dog that disturbs the neighbors, or put a million holes in the walls. So why are they singled out? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about a landlord not wanting to rent to you, as it is their right to choose who lives in their property. While it might not be ‘fair,’ the world also isn’t fair.

So what about if you are a landlord, and you have an apartment near a college? Should you rent to them? When you have a rental near a university, sometimes you might find yourself forced to rent to college students, as a 35 year old lawyer probably doesn’t want to live next door to the fraternity house. You might have to face the fact that you’ll have to rent to students, or sell the houseimages
Keep in mind that leases protect you. You need to have their parents co-sign. If you do, you likely will not be at a large risk, as having an adult on the lease as well, is almost the same as that adult living there. If anything breaks and the student doesn’t pay it, their parents are liable. And they will always pay, because they don’t want their credit affected, or to go to court. Unless the student does something major like setting your house on fire, you really will likely be fine regarding any damages to your property.

Be sure that you do a criminal history searchimages-1 check on both the parents and the young adult. See if they have a previous eviction history, which they likely will not, since they are too young to have ever lived in another apartment up until now. You’ll also have the luxury of listing your property around the college, and on their website, which will give you maximum exposure. Do keep in mind, that anyone can damage your apartment no matter what race, age, or what their income is. As long as you have a detailed lease, you really should be more than fine.

Remodeling An Area Of Your Home Can Be Incredibly Inconvenient And Make You Insane…Here’s How To Stay Calm With Workers Constantly Coming In & Out Of Your House

images-1One of the most common complaints among homeowners has to do with home remodeling. Remodeling projects almost never go as planned. No matter how detailed a bid, no matter how well you have budgeted, or how perfectly you have planned all of the materials and appliances, something is going to go wrong. Know this beforehand, and you’ll be a lot better off mentally throughout the process.

Sometimes, hiring the right contractor can’t ensure a successful project. However, it can definitely either eliminate or minimize problems. Recognize that contractors are just trying to make it too. They can’t survive on your project, and your project alone. Just like any profession. Everyone needs more than one client or patient to stay afloat. Do not go into the project expecting the contractor to be at your home every single day for a full work day. This isn’t how their job works. They work by moving from house to house throughout each week until they complete their projects. Have a frank discussion with each other about how often they plan to be at your house and when.

You should also be sure to be present throughout the work as often as you can. However, do not constantly hover and micromanage. At some point, you’re going to have to put your faith and trust in their hands. Sometimes when you go to hire contractors, you might find that they are all giving quotes that are way more than you think they should be. One of the reasons you think this is from watching home improvement TV shows and talking to your friends that have had work done to their house, too. Every single home project is different. TV shows such as HGTV make their ratings off of before and after photos and footage. They do not show you what goes on behind the scenes. They are designed to make DIY look cheap and easy.

imagesProjects are never as cheap as you think they are on these shows. If all of the quotes come in higher than you think they should be, its time to start accepting that this is actually the value of the project. When you do get quotes, be sure to also check the Better Business Bureau to see if any formal complaints have been filed against their company. Check to see that they are licensed, and see if they have a history of poor work. When you go to begin your project, budget accordingly. Be realistic about whether or not you can afford to renovate right now.

There is always a chance that you won’t like the work after it is finished. Be sure that you are not blaming your contractor for things that you asked for. Don’t ask him why the tile in the bathroom looks horrible when you told him to cut it that way, and you chose that specific tile. If you aren’t pleased with how the project turned out, you’re going to have to take some responsibility for your part.

Avoid going aboveimages-2 your budget by picking materials that cost less. Don’t go crazy trying to buy appliances that you can’t afford. Opt for a cheaper paint rather than the most expensive. Cut in areas that are not as important. Would you rather have the most expensive paint, or cheaper paint but a nicer vanity? Prioritize.




Having Trouble Renting Your Property Because You Have a Swimming Pool? Here’s How To Keep Your Property Rented, Year-Round Even If You Have a Pool

Home renovation and real estate shows almost always paint backyard pools in a positive light, but the reality is that pools represent serious maintenance, repair, and insurance costs that you may not think about when buying. Remember that a pool does not add much if any ‘value’ to the house, because just as there are people with positive feelings towards pools, there are also people with firm negative feelings.

Whether you plan to install a pool (which, by the way is a bad idea if you’re trying to make your money back in home value on the upgrade), or you’re looking at a home with a pool and thinking “what a deal”, you should remember a few things. Aside from the huge initial cost of putting in a pool, you have to think about the heavy maintenance costs of owning one. Repairing cracks, re-sealing it, repairing siding, and the cost of regular cleaning, chemicals, filtration systems, water, replacing pumps and motors. These things quickly raise the cost of having a pool.

You must have insurance when you have a pool (if you are wise). Be aware that insurance companies are not fond of insuring homes with swimming pools, as no matter what kind of pool it is, they can be dangerous. Of course, this article should also Unknown-1point out the positive light here.

Having a pool is supposed to be a positive experience, so understanding what you’re getting into cost wise, you’ll have less stress later on, because you expect it already. When you consider buying ga home with a pool, just make sure that you have an idea of the general monthly fees to maintain it, and maintain it as well as you can to prevent any avoidable repairs.


Be sure to reserve your right to regularly inspect and maintain the swimming pool or hot tub without notice to the tenant. You will need to access the pool during business hours only to perform your maintenance duties and it is always a good idea to give your tenant notice that you will be inspecting. If you decide to keep a regular maintenance schedule, it would be a nice thing to do to attach a copy of the schedule to the swimming pool/hot tub addendum.